J o o p G e r r i t s e
all web pages are under construction; so is this one Fight Unwanted "Music" in Public Areas-- Why is smoking forbidden and this pollution allowed?
ceci n'est pas une pipe

If your browser supported Java, you would see a tree here... now you obviously don't!
Most beautiful InterCat in Cyberspace... and a Pythagorean tree to climb!

Test page still under construction (...forever). I haven't yet found a photograph of myself which I like better than the one above. Nor am I likely to ever find one.

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Open Source [NL open source group] NL OPEN Source Workgroup Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence!


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   UserID: Joop Gerritse
   E-mail: jjge@xs4all.nl                        KeyID: 860F3B1D
   Fingerprint: CC 7D 7F 0F C6 C9 06 94  3E 7A 2C B8 68 5C 97 76

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